We know how important it is to get products to their destination quickly and efficiently. That is why we work with one of the worlds leading freight forwarders who manage the collection of goods from the UK through to delivery to anywhere in the world by land, sea or air.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply some of the best products available from the Tesco range at highly competitive prices and work to a model that has five key principles:


The products should be positioned at a price point which ensures they can be sold in volume and also relate to the demographics of the end customer.

This ensures the retailer has the ability to help their customers to trade up to more expensive products while ensuring those at the more price sensitive end of the spectrum also have something to buy.

This improves footfall, increases sales and ultimately develops improved profitability for the retailer.

Distribution Price

Distribution Choice


There has to be something for everybody in and the unique blend of good, better, best products are specifically designed to enable the retailer to strategically position the range within their existing offering for effective category management.

This means that regardless of the demographic of you stores there is an element of the range that will suit.

Good products ideally suit the more price sensitive customers, the better range of brands is designed to complete with the leading brands in their category.

The Best range is positioned to provide something for those customers who wish to selectively trade up and designed with best ingredients to appeal to the luxury end of the market.

We believe that this range provides our partners with both the option to mix products to appeal to all, or specialise in a selective part of the overall category offering to target the customers which they believe fit their brand positioning.


The products have been tested on world class technical tasting teams within Tesco to ensure they complement the existing range, are able to compete with brand names already in the market, and in the case of Finest add a touch of affordable luxury to higher end customers.

Tesco products go through a rigorous testing process before they are introduced into the categories. This process involves extensive market research to identify the role each product will play in the overall category mix. Once that is established ingredients are selected which lend themselves best to the finished product and required price point.

Because of Tesco's position as the number one retailer in the UK it enables them to buy ingredients in scale which reduces the overall price for the end customer. This means for example that the price of a product which is designed to compete with a leading brand name is often of comparable quality but can be offered by the retailers at a much more competitive price point than most of the leading own label products currently in the market.

Distribution Quality

Distribution Availability


Our extensive local experience often suggests that once customers begin to purchase products that they love, they are often left frustrated when popular products go out of stock.

This is why our supply chain is critical to ensuring the products ordered by the retailers we work with are there quickly in great condition and on time.

To make sure this happens we use carefully selected partners in the UK who work to very stringent guidelines overseen by our experienced logistics experts to ensure that when an order is received its actioned quickly and effectively.


The MH team is comprised of retail experts all of whom know what it is to deliver customer service. The retailers we work with often have specific requirements which can be unique to an individual country.

Ordinarily this can make the process of exporting and importing goods, selecting products that would work with your customers and delivering the concept to the shopfloor more complicated than we believe it needs to be.

Our solution focussed customer management teams work in country with our retailers shoulder to shoulder to understand those requirements and where necessary tailor solutions to meet specific needs.

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